Vegan News – 10 Surprising (And Very Weird) Ingredients That Make Products Not Vegan

Vegan diet leads to infant’s death, parents convicted
A judge in Belgium has convicted the parents of a seven-month-old boy who died of malnutrition after he was fed a vegan diet.

The Rise of Vegan Culture
Over the years, vegan eating has gone from tasteless to trendy to making inroads into the mainstream.

How a shift in how we eat helped my family save $2800, enough for a 2-week trip to Greece
A couple saved money by going vegan in several ways, the first obvious, the others perhaps not so much.

Big news in Rhode Island yesterday, where the House of Representatives voted overwhelmingly to ban battery cages for chickens.

Animal-based circuses, the bell tolls for thee.
In NYC, a bill to ban circuses from using wild animals passed out of its committee and is expected to get a full council vote shortly. As well, the New York state legislature just passed a bill banning the use of elephants in circuses.

Not really vegan news, but in case you missed it, Amazon has agreed to buy Whole Foods. So what’s their end game here?

So imagine the possibilities. You, an Amazon Prime customer, can shop for groceries at Whole Foods on Amazon and then choose an option to pick up the groceries on the way home. (Maybe there’s even a discount for doing so.)

EU declares “milk” is reserved for animal products
One would think that this could sway a decision on a similar case in the USA, where the dairy industry called on the Food and Drug Administration to ban dairy denominations being used to described plant-based products.

10 Surprising (And Very Weird) Ingredients That Make Products Not Vegan
For many of you, this list will be a refresher; it was for us, but number five may make you rethink that lovely vanilla scent.


Image credit: Jen Goellnitz

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