Vegan menu at posh LA steakhouse.

Image courtesy: BOA Steakhouse

I often say to friends that we can eat anywhere… except a steakhouse. Typically we could go to any restaurant and find something to eat. Heck, it’s Los Angeles, there are plenty of vegans. Most restaurants will typically work with us, but a steakhouse. We always thought there would be nothing but salad and a baked potato for us there. The times, they are a-changin’.

Eater Los Angeles reports that BOA Steakhouse in the heart of LA now has a vegan section on their menu.

Don’t look now but there’s a new menu up at BOA, with the traditional steakhouse moving more into the veggie/vegan side of things. There is still plenty of animal protein to go around (including game like bison and ostrich), but the addition of a fully meat and dairy-free section helps highlight how Los Angeles is starting to think about their consumption differently. The menu is below.


Be advised, they do have a dress code:

DRESS CODE:  We kindly ask that our guests abide by the Business Casual dress code at our West Hollywood location. The following items are not permitted in the restaurants: Beachwear, Athletic Tops & T-Shirts, Shorts & Flip Flops (Including rubber and plastic thongs). *Does not apply to Santa Monica location.

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