Vegan Menu At Hilton

Wow, a major hotel chain is offering both a vegan and vegetarian tasting – 7 days a week. Where can you find this gourmet vegan fare? — At the Hilton Anatole’s Nana Restaurant in Dallas, Texas.  While the Carrot Marmalade served with passion fruit granita and peanuts, and the Cucumber Spaghetti with pistachio gravel, scallions, and sesame seeds, don’t sound all that appealing to me, it’s really exciting to hear that Hilton is offering vegan fare!

Over the two years that Jane and I have been vegan, we’ve noticed a “mainstreaming” of veganism.  More and more products seem to be available, vegan cookbooks abound, and even Oprah’s talked about it…  We’ve still got a long way to go until we have the same options as omnivores.  However, we are no longer the “weird, bark-eating” people.  And, although the message that we don’t need to eat animals to survive still hasn’t gotten through to most people, the fact that you don’t have to eat animals at every meal seems to be making some headway.

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