Drawing A Line In The Sand

Tonight Vegan Soapbox poses the question many of us are challenged with as vegans… Where do you draw the line? What will you not eat?

Eccentric Vegan writes:

It’s simple to me. If you don’t need to kill or harm another sentient being, then you shouldn’t kill or harm another sentient being.

I’ve never considered myself to be an animal rights activist. But the more I learn the more appalled I am at the barbarism that we perpetrate as a species. (Read about the Baby Seal Hunt which has “opened” today in Canada.)

I find myself compelled to watch videos like Earthlings, even though I really don’t want to see some of these images. As I wander through the grocery store, sometimes I’ll look at the packages of boneless, skinless, chicken pieces and think how hard it is to reconcile those pieces with any chicken, never mind the abused animals these pieces actually represent. And I’m sure where I draw my line…

I used to draw the line at four-legged animals, fish and fowl seemed much less intelligent, and therefore it was okay to eat them. Then I went vegan (motivated by a desire for better health and a better earth), so I now draw my line at plants. Although in reality I can’t imagine voluntarily eating insects, although I suspect they’re in my salad on occasion!

After being vegan for nine months, I know I will NEVER eat animal flesh again. I will not consume dairy products, nor will I eat eggs. I have seen and read too much to allow myself to participate in the needless brutality that is perpetrated against these animals. I am not a barbarian. I will not eat as one. It’s my choice to eat vegan.

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