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  • Lane
  • Thursday, January 15, 2009
  • Vegetarian Shoes & Bags - Orleans by Pink
    Vegetarian Shoes & Bags - Orleans by Pink

    Hi everyone, it's Jane writing tonight. No, it's not another Daring Bakers Challenge... I'm writing a product review. We were contacted recently by Vegetarian Shoes and Bags and asked to review a purse to help announce their new collection of 100% cruelty-free handbags.

    As most of you know, Lane and I went vegan a little over a year and a half ago.  We're still wearing our old leather accessories and shoes.  Our reasoning here is that the cow has already been sacrificed; throwing away these items would be wasteful.  But they're slowly starting to wear out, and need to be replaced... this time with vegan items. So the timing of this couldn't be better for me.

    Orleans Interior
    Orleans Interior

    My purse showed up within a week.  I received the Orleans bag by Pink Studios.   Typically, I tend to carry smaller bags, so Lane and I jokingly refer to this bag as "the luggage."  But in all seriousness, I LOVE IT!   This is, hands down, one of the better-made bags I have ever owned.   The zippers don't catch, there were no stray threads anywhere, and the seams are all even.

    I've tried to abuse the bag a bit by overloading it, but so far, it's stood up to everything I've dished out.    In addition to the usual items you'd carry in your purse, I've carried two hardcover novels, my camera, and my knitting with no issues!

    Orleans Bag Seam Detail
    Orleans Bag Seam Detail

    As for the interior of the bag - the main compartment zips shut with a cell phone pocket another smaller pocket, and an interior zip pocket.  Then there are two compartments that have snaps on either side of the main compartment, and two small pockets on the outside of the purse for quick access items.

    All in all, I am very pleased with this purse and would recommend the Pink line of purses.  As for Vegetarian Shoes and Bags -- they're Vegan Society certified, and vegan themselves.  They reserach their manufacturers so the products they carry are 100% vegan in nature, without exception.  So you can choose your items without having to read any fine print.

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