Vegan Grilling

2008-05-memorial-day-grilling-017Yesterday was Memorial Day, the unofficial start to summer here in the US.  We hope you all had a good holiday weekend (if you had the day off).  One of the joys of summer is the ability to grill your food.  Of course, living in southern California we can pretty much grill year round, but we tend to grill a lot more over the summer than we do in the winter.

If you're looking for some vegan recipes to try out on your grill, Amy over at VegCooking (PETAs cooking blog), has a whole bunch of great recipes.  Our favorite is the Grilled Peaches ala Mode.  Generally, we skip the ice cream and use plums instead of peaches.   But this is yum!

And just in case your family or friends give you a little grief over the idea of vegan grilling, you may want to tell them about the five worst foods to grill.  Happy Summer!

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