Vegan for the animals…

Are you a vegan who considers eating fish? Are you a vegetarian who thinks eating cheese and milk are okay and doesn’t hurt the animals. Are you a carnivore who is avoiding red meat and thinking you are making a difference? There was an article printed in the LA Times that you may want to read. It is co-authored by Karen Dawn. I saw Ms. Dawn speak many years ago. You may know her from her book, Thanking the Monkey, and by Professor Peter Singer, a Princeton University professor and the author of Animal Liberation.

Here’s a snippet:

To animal protection advocates, a pledge to eat less meat is good news. Even a small step like Meatless Mondays is generally better than nothing. All too often, however, aspiring ethical eaters choose a favored animal or two to exclude from their diet, without actually reducing their total animal consumption. Despite good intentions, they may end up increasing animal suffering. [read more…]

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