Vegan Eggnog

If that doesn't sound like an oxymoron...

About a week ago Jane bought a quart of Silk Eggnog. We've enjoyed the Silk Coffee-Milk and Silk Chocolate Milk, so Jane figured we'd give this a try for the holidays.

One of our guests to this blog, Shannon, commented that this product is amazing. So, once again, I had high hopes. Well, Shannon is right. It's really good, and while I can't say I'd want it every day, I certainly expect we'll be having more of it over this holiday season.

Caveat to the reader: I was never one for traditional eggnog, I always found the rum to be too overpowering. I remember having some one year waaaay back when, in my adolescence, sans booze, that was really good - but my girl cousins wouldn't have more than a glass, too many calories.

The Silk product isn't going to help you out if you're dieting, but it's probably a whole lot lower in calories than those traditional egg and cream concoctions!


  1. I also tried the Silk eggnog and really enjoyed it. Unfortunately, it’s not available at our local grocery store and I only purchased one container while shopping at a store 2 hours away from my home. It was so good I finished the container in just 2 days! Agh!

  2. Hi Melissa,
    More bad news… The Silk eggnog is seasonal. We’ve only seen it at our local Whole Foods and they didn’t have any more in the store. We asked the stock person and he said they wouldn’t have it again until next Christmas season. There was some Vita Soy Eggnog which we picked up. Haven’t tried that yet, but one of us will post about it after we’ve had some.

  3. Hi Crystal,

    I don’t know when they start carrying the Silk Nog. Their website lists it as a seasonal product, and that season is right around the corner. So… soon!

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