Vegan Eating Advocated On Commercial!

sosIf you've been reading this blog for any length of time you'll know that I tend to get on my soapbox about the global warming thing. I find it incredibly ridiculous, that for the most part, the media is ignoring meat production as a prime contributor to the problem. (See: Reduce Your Carbon Footprint, Vegan Eating Trumps Eating Locally, Reducing Your Carbon Footprint, etc.)

Imagine my shock today, when I saw a commercial on the Sci Fi channel for Let's Act Now. The commercial came right out and said your SUV causes less impact to the planet than eating meat. Woo Hoo! Someone came right out and said it on a national television! I'm not sure who is the target demographic for the Sci Fi channel, but we watch it in our home.

Here's their commercial (Thank You Red One for passing it along!)


  1. Humane Society has run a # of national campaigns, too showing the plate and a car key and letting people know their diet is more polluting!

  2. Hi RedOne,
    Thanks for passing along that link, I updated the post.
    No, methane gasses aren’t mentioned much specifically, but they fall under the category of greenhouse gasses. And there was something out there about cow farts for a long time. Just Monday, I read “Republican House Minority Leader John Beohner admits that his party doesn’t have a plan to lower greenhouse gas emissions, because cows fart.”

    Hi Lex,
    I know there are many campaigns out there, I don’t watch that much television (too busy blogging and such). This was the first commercial I’ve seen on a station, other than MTV, that didn’t look like some kind of PETA stunt, or something that soft-peddled the issue because the food lobbies might squash the networks. Progress.

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