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TJs Chicken Strips Spinach Peppers and Quinoa

TJs Chickenless Strips Spinach Peppers and Quinoa

Here's a quick and delicious dish Jane made for dinner last night.  She sauteed onions and red peppers and some portobello mushrooms strips.  Then she added chopped spinach and Trader Joe's Chickenless Strips.  We had that along with a side of fluffy quinoa and a great big green salad.

Now it's been a really long time since I've tasted chicken, so I don't know if this would fool a carnivore.  But it looks like chicken, doesn't it?   Jane likes to keep the Trader Joe's Chickenless or Beefless Strips on hand for just this type of quick meal.   It looked so easy, I could probably do this too!

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  1. This is exactly the kind of meal I would love. It is colorful, filling and very healthy. We don’t have any fake meat products here in Bahrain apart from the occasional shipment of veggie burgers and soydogs. I would love to try those ‘chicken’ strips.

  2. Hi Voracious,
    Bahrain… no Trader Joe’s there. Do you have access to other mock meats? If not, you could always make up some seitan ahead of time and use that in your meal.

  3. To answer whether these would fool a carnivore, my response is an unequivocal NO! I just reviewed these on my blog, and while they did look just like chicken, and had a nice texture, the flavor left much to be desired.

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