Vegan Desserts Make The Grade

I'm continually impressed with how mainstream veganism is becoming.  Sure, it's not always easy to get a vegan meal at a restaurant without "working with" your server.  But it is getting easier.  And the number of vegan products seems to be increasing.  Now, we're even getting representation in Gourmet magazine.   This week, Gourmet says:

Vegan desserts are like the pastry world's version of breast implants: The best ones are indistinguishable from their conventional counterparts. For plenty of vegan bakers, the ultimate compliment is a look of shock.

That's true for Jane.  Her vegan brownies and vegan danish have met with incredulous stares when we've revealed they're vegan, as have her cookies.   Athough there are still a number of things we've tried which really don't work for us.

Overall, it's really encouraging to read something like this in Gourmet.  If foodies think vegan fare is good, then maybe the rest of the world will be willing to try some.  But breast implants?


  1. I find that it’s actually easier to get good results by baking vegan. I realized ten years ago that eggs are actually detrimental when baking cookies and since that I’ve been baking without them (even though I’m not fully vegan).

    I get to try my vegan marshmallow and meringue kits soon, yay!

  2. I probably won’t be developing any recipes with them (unless I get a really good idea for the meringue), but I posted the review of the marshmallows on Suite101 today: (will add some photos to it later today). Actually I made just half of the pack, because I plan to use the rest for a marshmallow chocolate cake from My Sweet Vegan (marshmallow fluff isn’t available in Finland).

    Will probably post a review of the meringues next week. Bryanna Clark Grogan also has a recipe for vegan meringues that you can find with Google, but I couldn’t find much commentary about it. Maybe I’ll try it after playing with the kit and see how they compare.

  3. Except for the weird comparison at the end, great article from the mainstream press. Hopefully society is gradually transitioning from “Wow, this is good; no way it’s vegan” to “Wow, this is good; I bet it’s vegan.”

  4. Hi Gary,
    That would be a great transition, but it’ll more likely be a simple “wow, this is good.”
    Jane has a few desserts under her belt now that are really amazing. She makes truffles that no one believes are vegan, and her brownies (actually they’re from The Joy of Vegan Baking) are killer!

  5. There is no need to buy marshmallows when you can make your own fabulous vegan marshmallows at home.
    The breakthough ingredient to making vegan marshmallows is you need a fluffy mixture into which you beat the jell mixture. Soy protein isolate is what the commercial vegan marshmallow makers use for the fluffy stuff.
    See my recipe at;

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