Vegan Chocolate SoyMilk Review

Chocolate Soymilk Review
Chocolate Soymilk Review

Jane and I thought it was time to do another side-by-side taste test of vegan chocolate milks.  Last year we settled on Silk's Light Chocolate Soymilk as our favorite, but things can change.  We found a soymilk in Target, Archer Farms Organic, and we also found some 8th Continent Light Soymilk which a number of you say you prefer.  So, we figured it was time to revisit the issue.  Without further ado, here are our findings:

Archer Farms Organic Chocolate Soymilk

Calories 130.  3 g fat.  5 g protein.

This was the only full fat chocolate soymilk we sampled.  Interestingly, it looked the "lightest" of the three.  It was paler in color and appeared more "watery."   It had a nice nose.  As for taste.  I enjoyed it very much.  Jane liked it too, but thought it had an aftertaste.  It placed second in our taste test today.

Silk Light Chocolate Soymilk

Calories 120.  1.5 g fat.  5 g protein.

Our personal favorite.  It still holds up as the winner.  The scent was more chocolate-y and the beverage itself has more body.  A very satisfying drink.

8th Contintent Light Chocolate Soymilk:

Calories 90.  1.5 g fat.  7 g protein.

Downright awful.  I thought it smelled like paint.  Jane, who typically has a better sense of smell than I do, thought it smelled like chocolate.  But we both agreed it was terrible.  It had a chalky aftertaste and the texture was also not as good as the others.  It was so bad we double-checked the expiration date to make sure it was still okay.  It was.

In the past we've also tried the Whole Foods store brand and didn't care for that either.  Hands down Silk Light Chocolate Soymilk is the way to go.

When we buy soy or almond milk, we tend to buy the refrigerated varieties, but many of these products are also available in asceptic cartons, so you can stock up and keep them in your cupboard as they do not need to be refrigerated. Here's a few chocolate soy milks that are available in asceptic packages:

The review is about chocolate soy milks, but there are also chocolate almond milks (which we prefer):

Along with vanilla milks in both soy and almond varieties:


  1. For me, Silk Light chocolate also passed the “kid” test. My 6 year-old son is used to drinking lowfat chocolate milk almost daily, so a few months ago (before I was vegan, but was already onto the brutal effects of lactose), decided to “bait and switch” him. I of course tried it myself first (although I’m not a milk drinker, especially not chocolate), to make sure it was okay. He drank it just fine – and he has a very picky palate!

    – Leo

  2. For another great tasting flavored soy milk brand, I like Kikkoman Pearl Soy milk that I find in the Japanese supermarkets, and some other Korean and Chinese supermarkets. I like their green tea and coffee flavors.

  3. I didn’t know Archer Farms made soymilk! I’ll have to keep an eye out for that.

    I still hold Vitasoy Organic Chocolate Soymilk as my #1 favorite. It’s way creamier than any others and has great flavor. I’ve never really liked Silk’s Chocolate after I tried Vitasoy’s!

  4. I drink Silk’s and 8th Continent but prefer 8th Continent. Isn’t it funny how everyone’s taste buds differ. I find 8th Continent to be creamier than Silk but Silk is more widely available. I also like VitaSoy but have not tried the Chocolate. My pick is still 8th Continent.

  5. Hi Leo,
    I can certainly see how this would pass the kid test! It sweet and creamy. I love it.

    Hi kara,
    Well, we’ll never buy it again, but there are people who adore it. Taste is purely subjective.

    Hi Anna,
    We will have to get our hands on some at the Japanese grocery store next time we’re in Japan town. Jane used to really enjoy green tea ice cream, so she’s pretty excited about the milk!

    Hi Kelly,
    We were surprized too. I haven’t seen the vitasoy, but will keep my eye out for it.

    Hi Karen,
    And that illustrates my comment to kara perfectly. Taste is subjective. Glad you liked it though.

  6. Hi Michele,
    We did try it when we first went vegan and weren’t impressed. It would probably merit trying again since our palate has adjusted. However, we have a soymilk maker with which Jane makes her own almond milk so it’s not likely that we’ll be buying almond milk any time soon.

  7. I love me some chocolate Silk, but there was someone at my gym last week who was giving out free samples of the Light Chocolate (and Vanilla) variety. I must say, since still trying to lose some holiday lbs, it’s a pretty good alternative to the “full fat” kind.

  8. Hi Lynnette,
    We really love the Silk Light Chocolate. I don’t remember how long it’s been since we’ve had the full fat version. Often, a glass of silk is my dessert.

  9. I think the best kind is the Kroger branded Private Selection Organic soy milks. But of course not everyone has a neighborhood Kroger 🙂 I second Anna’s comment, though. The Kikkoman Pearl coffee soy milk is awesome, too.

    Rice milk is okay for desserts, not a fan of drinking it or using it on cereal, though. Been wanting to try hemp milk, but it’s so expensive. I enjoy almond milk okay, but not as much as soy. Haven’t tried any others, though. What does everyone else like besides soy milk?

  10. Hi Cody,
    Sorry for the late reply… we’ve been wrapped up in our personal life recently….
    I haven’t tried hemp milk either, but I have been using hemp protein powder. It’s my fave.
    As for milks, we’re still mostly drinking almond milk, which Jane makes. We recently had oat milk. I enjoyed it. It’s nice and creamy (but pricey).
    No Krogers here, but if we see it when we travel, and we remember 😉 we’ll give it a try.

  11. I just discovered this fantastic new “milk” beverage called So Delicious made from coconut milk. And while they don’t have a chocolate flavor, there’s an amazing recipe for chocolate syrup at that I tried with this milk and my kids loved it! My husband, the biggest kid at our house, said it was the best chocolate milk he ever tasted, and that’s quite an endorsement. LOL!

  12. I saw the coconut milk by So Delicious and I really wanted to try it, but it was $6 for the half gallon. As for chocolate, the soy drink by Trader Joe’s is the best I ever tasted, very chocolaty, not chalky or beany.

  13. Just had Target chocolate soy milk this week and we all loved it. We like 8th continent but can’t always find it. I will not let my kids get Silk. If they spill any of it on their clothes, goodbye clothes. The stains are the worst stains to get out, they don’t come out.

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