Vegan Chicken Broth

It's All Veg Broth!

It's All Veg Broth!

Hi Everyone,

It's Jane writing tonight.  As the "executive chef" here at the Vegan Bits household I need to clear up a little mistake Lane made in last night's post, the review of Temepeh-Tations.  (And can I tell you we've gotten quite a few concerned email messages about our status as vegans...)  I/We don't use chicken stock, and here's a photo to show you all what's in our pantry, at least as far as broth is concerned.  We've got Trader Joe's Savory Vegetable Broth Concentrate, Trader Joe's Vegetable Broth, and VEGETARIAN Chicken Broth (powdered).  It almost looks like an ad for Trader Joe's, eh?  I actually used some of the boxed broth in last night's dinner.  Hope that clears things up.


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