Vegan Chicago Style Deep Dish Pizza

I have to admit it. If there was only one food that I could eat the rest of my life, it would be pizza. As a vegan, that’s somewhat limiting given that I’m not to fond of many of the vegan cheese options that are available. (As such, I may have have a slice of real pizza from time to time when I’ve traveled to NY…) But that might become a distant memory.  Megan, who runs Carrots and Flowers has created this sensational vegan pizza.

Mmm… Vegan Chicago Style Deep Dish Pizza. It’s like a pizza and a pie all in one! I really love eating pie so I am basically obsessed with this Vegan Chicago Style Deep Dish Pizza. The crust is thick and hearty. The sauce is chunky and spicy. The vegan mozzarella is melty and gooey. It is everything a pizza should be, you won’t even be able to tell it’s vegan. Use this pizza to convince all your friends to give up cheese!

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