Vegan Cheese

I am not a fan of vegan cheese. It's sort of like vegan yogurt. I find that they both usually fall way short of my memory of these dairy products.

That's not to say that I don't eat them. I sort of tolerate them.

Every time someone says that "you really need to try this (cheese or yogurt)," I get enthusiastic only to be somewhat let down.

Probably the cheese that I've likely the most is the cashew cheese from Real Food Daily. The recipe is available in their recipe book. Jane has always considered making it, but finds the recipe somewhat daunting. (If you are interested in learning more about this cookbook, here's a link to it:

This week, I saw an article from our friends at The article is entitled: 10 cheeses that will knock your socks off. So again, as you might expect, my enthusiasm is raised; my interest piqued.

Just look at some of these images:

vegan Mozarella Cheese

This is a vegan (mock) mozzarella that they refer to as moxarella

vegan macadmia-nut-brie

Brie?! Macadamia brie. (My wife still pines for brie.)


Herb & nut encrusted cheese log


Smoky Pesto Cashew Cheese


Raw vegan cream cheese


Coconut cheese

Lots of former meat eaters and vegetarians who can't quite make the final leap to veganism often point to cheese as the one thing that they can't live without.

Regardless, each of these images looks really appealing. All of these cheeses are homemade, not store bought. So again, my interest is piqued; my enthusiasm is elevated. Can one or more of these cheeses actually be good enough to be deemed reasonable cheese alternatives? Perhaps I might convince Jane to take a crack at a few of these to see if they are tasty cheese alternatives. I looked at the few of the recipes; they don't seem to be all that complicated. If she does try and make any of these, I'm sure she'll start with the brie.

If you are interested in reading the entire article on making your own vegan cheese with recipes from these images about, see the link below.


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