Vegan Bullying

bully-1Bullying is never OK. When I saw the words "vegan bullying," I just assumed it was about meat-eaters giving non-meat eaters a hard time. But it wasn't about that. In fact, it's the opposite. vegans being bullies?!  Apparently, at a high school in Northern California, vegans are "bullying" other students; calling them names like carcass crunchers.

The "carcass crunchers" are students involved in an Ag program at the high school. These students in this Ag program are growing and slaughtering animals at the high school. Apparently, there's been a fair amount of social buzz about this of late.

Here's a news report on this topic from the local area Fox TV affiliate:


Have people been actually calling others' carcass crunchers?  Who knows? But the article indicates: "...One of the vegan students involved spoke with FOX40 but declined to go on  camera. She said that no vegan Elk Grove student has used the “carcass cruncher”  term and that she has not passed out any fliers..."

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