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taco bellSo, we haven't been around much lately.  I'm sure you all know how it goes.  Work, life, etc.  No, we haven't become omnivores in our absence.  We are both still very much vegan and loving it.

Jane's mom was here for a visit.  She's such a good sport.  She ate vegan for all but two of her meals, and one of those was an accident because the Thai restaurant delivered the wrong food to our house, so it would have been thrown away.  Also she had cow's milk in her morning coffee.  She tried the almond milk Jane makes every few days, but thought it was too thin.  I can't really blame her.  It took us a long time to "get over" milk.  We didn't try soy creamer (just didn't think of it), but will during her next visit.

One of her favorite things was the Seitan Scaloppini we blogged about back in February.  It's one of my favorite too.  And I would recommend you all try it.  Just remember, it is not a weekday meal.  It takes a bit of prep work!  She also really loved Shojin, where she was fussed over and made to feel very welcome.  It was a very pleasant visit.  I don't think Jane's mom plans on going vegan, but she is willing to eat that way all the time, provided someone else does the food prep.   Actually, I know she eats vegetarian often.  I just think the idea of learning to cook new things is something she no longer has any interest in.

While we were on our unscheduled blogging hiatus we noticed this bizareness... you could buy your Easter ham at our local grocery store for $0.77 per pound, but green beans were $0.99 / pound!  This seems way out of whack if you think about it.  We often complain that you can get a beef burrito at Taco Bell for $0.79, but a bean burrito - no cheese please - costs $0.99!  Seems wrong to us.  (Yes, I know plenty about food industry subsidies.)  But I think this ham thing wins the prize for the most obvious price support.

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