Vegan Attraction in Vegas?

Jane and I don't go to Las Vegas very often. It's fallen further off of our radar since we've gone vegan. However, I may have found a reason for us to plan a trip there in 2010. Las Vegas is building a farm. A vertical farm. (?!?!) The first vertical farm in the world. And like all attractions in Vegas, it's going to be enormous -- 30 stories tall!! Here's a link to the story from

The article indicates that the farm will produce 100 different crops, with enough food to feed 72,000 people annually. The food will be sold locally to the casinos. What's grown in Vegas, stays in Vegas. They expect to make money from produce sales and tours of their facility.

With so much produce, maybe there'll be more food options for vegans in Vegas. I'm not holding my breath.

author note: The Vegan vertical farm has proven to be a hoax. See this post. Sorry for passing along false information. I was duped, along with a whole slew of other people.

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  1. This is very exciting, Thank you for sharing !!!******

    I have heard that Las Vegas is becoming a city focused on Green Living. Great to see more evidence of this !

  2. Just curious, are they going to allow people to smoke inside? Also, seems that if this news is true, they will probably be using pesticides, etc. It would be awesome to know that Vegas is focusing on Green living rather than Greed living, but that is a long shot!

  3. Hi Rene,
    On January 19th, we discovered that unfortunately, this may have been erroneously reported. See our post.
    It appears that the technology exists, but so far we haven’t heard of any plans to actually put one of these in an urban center.
    ps-love the term Greed Living!

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