Vegan Asparagus Soup

RFDs Asparagus Soup

I've been going to the farmers market to get my produce ever since I moved to California.  Over the years I've noticed a change in the "seasonality" of certain produce, notably strawberries and asparagus.  They used to be available only in the spring.  But not anymore.  The local growers have figured out how to make these items available year round.  Shockingly, the strawberries taste like strawberries, not fake looking strawberries with ae pale white interior that I used to get when I lived in New York.

This week, we picked up asparagus.  We knew it would be a warm week, and Jane had it in mind to make us asparagus soup.  She used the recipe from the Real Food Daily Cookbook, instead of her usual vegan cream of asparagus soup recipe.  I can't honestly say which I prefer.  This soup is more complex than Jane's recipe, with many more spices, while hers is more true to the flavor of asparagus.  I can say however, that the asparagus we had was very fibrous.  In any event, the soup was wonderful.  We rounded off our meal with the end of a loaf of potato bread and a gigantic salad.


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