Vegan And Other Food Labels

food-labelLast night I wrote a post explaining why we (the collective we) should cut down on our meat consumption. Now as vegans, Jane and I have done that to the extreme. However, we have omnivorous friends and family members who have chosen not to go down the vegan path with us, some of them may even be you (our readers). As I’ve written before, I believe diet is a very personal choice and you are entitled to make whatever decision you feel benefits you the most. The only thing I ask, is that you truly consider all the facts surrounding what you choose to put in your mouth.

We’ve received a few emails suggesting that we should take a more militant stance. Someone actually went so far as to say that we are not true vegan advocates as we aren’t demanding that people become vegan. Instead, we’ve “gently” asked people to consider cutting down their consumption of meat. Well, here’s something to consider: If every omnivore would simply eat meatless one day every week that would result in an immediate 14.3% decrease in the consumption of meat. That’s a pretty significantly impact.

There is a small, but vocal, minority of vegans out there who think that if you eschew animal products for any reason other than animal welfare, then you are not a vegan. Or that if you’re not being vegan to the extreme (this includes scrutinizing the ingredients and processing of every food item you’re going to ingest) then you may as well eat meat. We emphatically disagree. Every little bit helps, and if that means embracing the omnivores who choose to “eat vegan” one or two days a week, I say welcome to the fold! Yes, you can be vegan one day per week. And I have to ask our less flexible members of the vegan community, what exactly is the goal here? Because it seems to me, if you are coming at veganism from an animal rights or environmental perspective, an immediate 14.3% reduction is something to happily embrace.

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