Uncle Steve’s Italian Specialties Arrabbiata Sauce

Uncle Steve’s Italian Specialties has a line of organic tomato sauces. We recently reviewed their tomato basil sauce. Today I’m reviewing their arrabbiata sauce.

Arrabiata, in case you haven’t encountered it, is a spicy sauce. And this sauce is spicy! Jane actually found it a tad too hot for her liking. She seems to be losing her taste for the fiery foods lately and has been ordering “mild” food at the Indian restaurant we go to. I thought it was nicely spiced, which meant more leftovers for me.

As with the jar of tomato basil sauce, this sauce is a bit thinner than the sauce we usually use. But it tasted great. Next time we have this sauce, Jane’s going to make pasta puttanesca, with capers and kalamata olives (no anchovies). She’s also going to cut it with some marinara to take a little of the heat out of it.

If you’d like to pick up a jar of Uncle Steve’s Arrabbiata, or any of their other sauces, you can use their store locator to find a vendor near you or you can find Uncle Steve’s @ Amazon too.

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