Traditional Vegan Fare

phpYF5MBPFor dinner tonight, Jane tried a new recipe. She made us a lentil loaf. It started out as lentil stew, which was quite tasty, so we both had high expectations.

The loaf wound up reminding me of my early experiences with vegetarianism back in the eighties. It seemed like everywhere I turned the only vegetarian option was a pepper stuffed with rice. In case you can't tell from the tone of my writing, I abhor stuffed peppers. That meal is one of the reasons I re-introduced meat into my diet.

When we were talking about going vegan I revisited my previous vegetarian experiences with Jane. She commiserated with me, but we both knew that things would be better this time around. We knew that there would be commercial products readily available in our local grocery stores. I would never have to resort to the ubiquitous stuffed pepper. So when I took my first bite of this Lentil Loaf, visions of stuffed peppers were unhappily dancing in my head. Needless to say, it wasn't wonderful. But it's far from the worst thing I've ever eaten.

Jane made the full recipe so there's still plenty of loaf left. Yay?

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