Trader Joe’s Vegetable Biryani

Vegetable Biryani Trader Joe\'sJane was planning on making this recipe for dinner tonight. It's an Indian dish that looks rather intriguing. We have all the ingredients on hand and so I was looking forward to a new and (hopefully) delicious meal. Alas, it was not to be.

It was gardening weather out there today, which means that we spent a good portion of the late morning/early afternoon working. OK, weeding. It's time to start working on getting the vegetable beds ready. Living in the Los Angeles area, and not being billionaires, we don't have a huge plot of land to "farm." Typically I plant tomatoes, peppers and sometimes zucchini or blue beans, and once (very unsuccessfully) acorn squash. We also have a lemon tree which seems to be productive every 18 months or so. And Jane keeps an herb garden which is usually comprised of the standards: basil, dill, thyme, mint, and of course, the ubiquitous rosemary. So even though we don't have a farm, there is a reasonable percentage of our property devoted to raising produce. Unfortunately, we tend to be a little lazy once football season starts. So there is always a good deal of work to be done at the beginning of the gardening season.

Vegetable Biryani w Tofu After all that hard work we had some hummus and veggies for lunch. But, when it came time to think about dinner, neither of us felt like getting dressed enough to go out, and Jane didn't have the energy to try a new recipe. Instead we had Trader Joe's Vegetable Biryani with tofu, and a green salad. The Biryani was great, light and fluffy. I'm not sure how it would compare to home-made biryani, but we both loved it. Jane cooked some tofu and threw it in with the rice. It was a super-quick, super-easy dish, absolutely perfect for those nights when you come too tired to even think about what's for dinner.


  1. We haven’t tried it yet. Is it good? Jane was a little weirded out by it when we saw it just sitting on the shelf. I guess we both feel better about frozen things.

  2. I love their shelf-stable brown rice. I bought a lot of the shelf-stable lentils too, but haven’t tried them yet. They also have some seitan in their fresh case near the meat: un-chicken, and un-beef. The un-beef was really really good with TJ’s self-stble thai lime-coconut rice. No, I don’t work for them, but they do make my life a lot easier

  3. Jane just bought the un-chicken or un-beef… I’m not sure which one I saw in the fridge. I’m looking forward to trying it.
    The thai rice sounds good. We’ll have to try that. Overall though, I’m of mixed opinion about TJs prepared foods. Some of them are good, I’m not a huge fan of most. But I do love Trader Joe’s!
    Having said that, I really love the Biryani (frozen)!

  4. Please do not discontinue Vegetable Biryani- a favorite or mine mixed with rice and beef or chicken an red pepper. I heard that it is no longer available in NYC Trader Joe shops. Bring it back- PLEASE.
    Thanks for your consideration.

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