Tongue In Cheek

I don't usually post on Friday's, but I feel like I had to share this with you. I was chatting with my mom today. She's retired and the stock market hasn't been treating her well, so she's trying to come up with ways to earn some cash. After reading the PETA / breastmilk thing, she's thinking of asking her doctor for drugs so she can start lactating... this way she can sell her milk to supplement her failing portfolio.


  1. as a PETA member, and a total vegan…i can appreciate where they are going although it’s ridiculous.

    they are totally just trying to take the piss out of omnivores (who deserve it!) by equating milk to milk. i know it is attention-seeking, outlandish and absurd. but far be it for me to criticize them.

    they are spreading the word about veganism and animal rights on a scale that i could never approach. for that, i respect their tactics…although some seem a bit silly to me! šŸ˜‰ i guess they are working. they are getting press, and i’m not. so go PETA.

    here’s to more vegans in the world…i hope!

  2. Hi Quarrygirl,
    I get what their intention is…. but I really think this makes us (vegans) all look ridiculous. PETA has a huge audience, they can get their message out without some of these sensationalist tactics. This really has the potential to backfire. Because they’re so huge, I think they have a responsibility to behave more rationally.
    Whereas, the Lettuce Lady campaign wouldn’t be my first suggestion, they’re using tried and true marketing techniques (sex sells), this campaign isn’t going to entice anyone to try vegan products (is human breastmilk a vegan product?), it will just make people think vegans are insane.
    Here’s to more vegans in the world.

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