There’s Some Weird Stuff In My Kitchen

These days there are some weird things in my cupboards. I was going to make myself some oatmeal for my breakfast yesterday morning, actually I did. But before I got around to making it, I had one of those “what the #$@#%! this?” moments. I reached into the cabinet to grab hold of the oatmeal container and this package of Textured Vegetable Protein was staring me in the face (actually, it was unopened at the time).

Just bizarre. I asked Jane if we were having other astronaut food as it reminded me of the astronaut food I’d heard of: freeze dried ice cream, tang crystals, etc. Needless to say I was not looking forward to consuming this stuff.

Then we had spaghetti for dinner and I commented to Jane that the ground soy product was good in our pasta sauce. She had an odd look on her face and when I asked her about it she laughed and told me that was the TVP. I don’t know how it tastes in other recipes, but it’s pretty good with pasta and tomato sauce.

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