The Vegan Refrigerator

Being a "new" vegan means that I often have to tell people I've changed my way of eating. When I do this, I'm frequently met with a look of pure puzzlement. In addition to the question of "why," I am invariably asked, "but what do you eat?" as if there isn't anything but meat and potatoes out there.

So, instead of categorizing a list of foods, I thought I'd take a picture of the refrigerator. See... plenty of food. Granted, there's not much there to just pull out and eat without some kind of preparation, but aren't we supposed to be cutting down on our consumption of processed foods anyway?

This photo's pretty representational of what you'll find any time you open the refrigerator door, except for the soda. Oh, and we haven't tried the Silk Eggnog yet. That's for later!


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