The Blue Hen Restaurant Review

The other night, Jane and I went to The Blue Hen in Eagle Rock (a neighborhood in Los Angeles). It’s not a vegan restaurant, but they do have vegan-friendly meals. We’d read a few interesting reviews and decided to try it. The item that got the highest marks in the reviews, and from us as well, is the Mama Luu’s Tofu. It’s lightly fried, and the vegetarian scallion sauce is really delicious. Next time one of us would order that as a main course (that comes with rice and greens).

Vietnamese Noodle SoupJane ordered the Vietnamese Noodle Soup. I wasn’t all that impressed, it reminded me of bland ramen, but Jane enjoyed it. Neither of us cared for the tofu in the broth. As with most Vietnamese soups, this came with basil leaves, onion, and bean sprouts to dress your soup. There were also a few flavored condiments for heat… some kind of soy concoction and the typical chili sauce.

My choice was the Blue Hen Homestyle Curry. No surprise there, I’ll often go for the curries. Of course, I chose the tofu option over the chicken. It was flavorful and filling. I’d definitely recommend this dish.

So, we give this restaurant a positive review. We told our waitress we were vegan, and she assured us that the sauces we were eating were indeed vegan. She pointed out that the soup could be had with a vegetable based broth, as could the dipping sauce for the Mama Luu’s Tofu.

We like the fact that the restaurant supports local farmers and organic suppliers whenever possible. It’s clean and inexpensive and the food is good, although the menu is limited. If you decide to try it, make sure to tell your server about your dietary restrictions.

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