Tempeh Tations Review

Zesty Lemon Tempeh-Tations
Zesty Lemon Tempeh-Tations

A little while ago we tried Lightlife’s Tempeh-tations,  Ginger Teriyaki flavor.  As I mentioned in that post, Lightlife also had come out with two other flavors of the product.  We recently tried those as well.

Jane is always on the lookout for new vegan products, especially convenience foods for the nights she isn’t going to be cooking.   We don’t tend to eat a ton of pre-packaged foods, but having something you can heat up and have ready in 5 minutes has its appeal!  The next flavor we tried was the Zesty Lemon.  In our opinion, it was by far the weakest of the three, we wouldn’t eat it again – and wouldn’t recommend it.

BBQ Tempeh-Tations

We had the classic barbeque last week.  As I’ve mentioned previously, Jane really doesn’t care much for tempeh.  She’s always willing to give something new a try, but has come to expect little from it.   Maybe the barbeque sauce is all she needed, but we both really enjoyed this product.  Jane served it up with corn on the cob, red cabbage slaw, and our usual green salad.

So, if you’re thinking of trying the lightlife tempeh, we both recommend the barbeque.

Nutritional Information:

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