Stick With It Until It Works

Tuesday's Wall Street Journal profiled Seth Tibbot.  Who's Seth Tibbot?  Well, if you're like us and you eat mock-meat products, Mr. Tibbot is probably an important person in your life.  He's the inventor of the Tofurky and the President of Turtle Island Foods.  This year, over 275,000 Tofurky roasts were sold; this doesn't include the many other Tofurky products.  Quite interestingly, sales have doubled between 2003 and 2007.  That's a lot of Tofurky, and a sure sign that consumption of vegetarian meals, at least, is on the rise!

Mr. Tibbot is interviewed in the WSJ article and what struck me most is how far we've come.  Okay, maybe I'm not part of that "we" as I've only been vegan for less than 2 years.  But back in the 70s, when Tibbot went vegetarian (after reading Diet for a Small Planet) there weren't many vegetarian options available at the grocery store.

Today, as much as I may grumble that I'd like more options, I recognize that I'm fortunate enough to be able to find vegan food items without that much difficulty.  Sure I have to go to Whole Foods or specialty health stores for the more exotic items I might be searching for.  But I can get Tofurky cold cuts at all my local grocery stores, and soy yogurt, vegan cream cheese, and soy, rice and almond milks.   I can even find vital wheat gluten at the grocery store!  We've come a long way baby!  Thanks to people like Seth Tibbot who had a dream and stayed the course.

And who knows what's down the road?  Vegan pizza to rival the NY pizza of my childhood?

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