Stellar Vegan Salads: new book by Sharon Discorfano

Sharon Discorfano’s new book “Stellar Vegan Salads” is now available in hard copy. We are awaiting out review copy, but I wanted to pass along the press release to you. Once we receive a copy of the book, we will review it and update this information.

NEW YORK, NY, April 3, 2014 — Salads…boring? Not when it comes to the creations in a new book by Sharon Discorfano, author of Letters to Pushkin and voice of the popular Cruelty-Free Faves site. Stellar Vegan Salads (Riverside 105 Media, 2014) aims to excite readers with combinations that are both easy to recreate and simply delicious, with pictures that will entice even the most skeptical eater.

Beyond the recipes, the book is chock-full of tips to unleash the inner salad artist in everyone. Discorfano provides her own “5 T’s” to creating a great salad: Taste, Timing, Texture, Trappings, and Travel. She uses seasonal, local produce to create salads guaranteed to appeal to the fussiest palate, yet simple and fun for even a novice in the kitchen. The book provides other practical information such as choosing the right oils and vinegars, how to toast nuts, or roast nectarines; Discorfano also elaborates on ingredients that might be new to readers, especially those who are newly focusing on a more plant-based diet (What’s Tempeh? What’s Nutritional Yeast?).

In addition to stellar salads, Discorfano highlights some of her own favorite brands and products for inside or alongside the bowl – from vegan crackers to cheese to wine. Her “Reimagined Classics” section provides veganized versions of traditional dishes such as The Waldorf Salad and The Nicoise, and updates the hearty Taco Salad and Antipasto with homemade vegan Buffalo Mozzarella.

With a gentle, friendly, but unequivocal voice, Stellar Vegan Salads includes a section entitled “Why Vegan?” that provides basic facts about the conditions endured by farmed animals, coupled with some beautiful photographs taken with animals now living at sanctuaries. Discorfano encourages everyone to move towards a vegan lifestyle, “For the animals, for the planet, and for human health.”

Unlike other vegan cookbooks, however, Stellar Vegan Salads also offers stellar storytelling. With each recipe, Discorfano provides brief anecdotes that infuse the book with entertaining and inspiring of the inspiration behind each salad.

“I hope readers of Stellar Vegan Salads will feel as though they’ve just spent time in the kitchen with an old friend, who’s invited you to sit down with her to enjoy one of these stunning salads,” said Discorfano. “One bowl, two forks!”

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