We’ve been vegans for a little over three months now. Since we’re old dogs (in our 40s), it’s been a bit of a challenge to change our way of thinking about what a meal should be, and that’s been harder on Jane than on me, since she prepares most of what we eat.

To date, most of the recipes Jane has tried have been more than reasonable and there have even been a few that have been outright delicious. But nothing has come close to what she made for dinner last night. We had spanakopita, greek spinach pie, and it was restaurant quality food. And I don’t mean Denny’s! The recipe was out of Ann Gentry’s Real Food Daily Cookbook, with a slight modification, Jane didn’t bother making triangles, she just layered everything in a pyrex dish and made a pie. I cannot recommend that cookbook highly enough (link below). The recipe in the book is called “Phyllo Triangles with Spinach and Tofu Cheese.”

This will be the dish Jane prepares for non-vegan company. You have to get this cookbook!

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