Sometimes It’s Just Tough

As a vegan, I know I have it good. I live in Los Angeles, which means I have access to a number of vegan options that other people in other areas don’t have. I can go to a different farmers market almost every day of the week. There are vegan products in my supermarket. I have two health food stores fairly close to my home. I have restaurants that cater to my needs. So, relatively speaking, I’m a lot better off than many other vegans.

But I’m having a hard time these last few days. It’s not that I’m craving animal products. I’m not. I can honestly say I have not had a craving for anything I used to eat as an omnivore in a really long time. Jane is feeling the same. But we’re both struggling with the restaurant thing. We’re really tired of having one option at most of the restaurants we frequent. We’re bored with the restaurants readily available to us. If we lived in West Los Angeles or Silverlake, or Portland (see FoodEaters tantalizing descriptions of her travels), we’d have many more options. If gas wasn’t $4/gallon…. or if we could stomach the idea of schlepping across LA at the end of the day… we’d have more options than we’d know what to do with, but neither of us relishes the idea of travelling more than 30 minutes for dinner. (Yes, I know, everything is 20 minutes away in LA.)

I want to go out to eat and not have to think about it. I want to go out to eat and not have to invent something to eat. I want to go out to eat and have more than one option (especially if it’s a “veggie” burger). I want to be able to go out to eat with my friends, and not have to contemplate the menu first.

Sorry to be whining. I know there are worse problems in the world. I’m just frustrated today. I miss the days when I could say, “let’s go out for dinner” and not have to give it some serious thought.

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