So What Does One Eat During a Tornado Watch?

It's winter time, and it's really cold here. It's 47 degrees (Fahrenheit). OK, that may not seem cold to most of you, but this is Southern California. Trust me, it's cold. But not only is it cold, we just received a tornado warning. That's right, a tornado warning scrolled across the bottom of our television set. Um, what does one do in the event of a tornado? All I know I learned from the Wizard of Oz. I've only ever lived in coastal states. We don't have tornados!

And more weather weirdness, the "Grapevine" which is the stretch of the I-5 highway through the mountains (one of the most major Veggie Soupthoroughfares into Southern California, and the way most of our produce gets here) has been closed for over 24 hours due to snow and ice. It's definitely one of those nights to stay tucked in at home!

Anyway, it's cold and rainy and miserable outside. So Jane made us a nice vegetable soup with crusty bread and a salad for dinner tonight. That helps.


  1. Thanks,
    We survived the tornado warning just fine. As usual, the news media really over-dramatized the risk. (Thankfully)
    The soup was wonderful. Jane often makes us soup for dinner in the winter months. She usually throws in whatever veggies are getting close to moving to the compost pile. This iteration was primarily carrots, onions and tomatoes.

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