Can a Skinny Bitch Make a Prince Go All The Way — Vegan?

Milwaukee Brewers first baseman, Prince Fielder, is the latest celebrity to jump on the veg*n bandwagon.

"I tell people I don't eat meat, and they're like, 'Oh!' " Fielder said, raising his hands and making a sour face. "They forget there's so much other food out there. Beans, rice, tofu. You've got a lot of good food, baby!"

Although not a vegan, Fielder doesn't care for cheese, which seems to be the largest sticking point for most people thinking about a transition to a vegan way of eating. What made this 270-pound professional athlete change his diet? Skinny Bitch of all things. (Actually, it was his wife Chanel, who gave him the book to read.) He's only been vegetarian since February, but he already noticing a difference:

"Since I started, I feel amazing. When I wake up, I'm up. I'm not lying around anymore."

Miller Park, the Milwaukee Brewers' home stadium, currently sells soy dogs and veggie wraps, but you have to go to the concession stand to get them. Imagine the day when the stadium vendor tosses you a dog, a soy dog!

As for Skinny Bitch, I can't personally recommend it. I find the voice of the authors' outright offensive. (Here's a quote from the book: "Yes onions and garlic make your breath smell like someone took a shit down your throat..." ) And in principal, I prefer to get my nutritional advice from a doctor or registered dietitian. However, the book does do a good job touching on animal rights issues, and makes a valid case for eating vegan.

So if you can get a celebrity, Posh Spice, to carry around a book promoting veganism, and a major league athlete, Prince Fielder, to publicly talk about not eating meat, it looks like you can change the world.

The baseball season just started this week, so Lane will be keeping an eye on Fielder's stats.



  1. Yup… this is not your typical guy reading. I wonder if he’ll go the way of Tony Gonzales though, and start eating meat again.

  2. i loved the ripe tone of SB… kept me from falling asleep. I gave it to everyone I love and care about… including my George W. Bush loving, Southern, conservative mom… who immediatly cleaned house and went vegetarian. My vegan husband went vegetarian after reading the first few pages of the dairy chapter… maybe the book is workin’

  3. David — Hopefully he’ll be able to maintain his athletic prowess as a vegan. It would be great for the cause!

    Happy – Different strokes. Even though we didn’t like the book, it has mass appeal and that can only be good. The more people are exposed to what actually happens in factory farms, the more likely there will be a positive reform.

  4. SB was the book that made me go vegan…I cried when I learned about the abuses of the animals, and the hypocrasy of me eating them. I picked up the book because I wanted to loose some weight (had no idea the book endorced veganism) but walked away a changed woman…deeply. Since so many people will buy or try anything to help them loose wight, I think it was a great marketing tool to use the name “Skinny Bitch” to appeal to massive dieters out there. The animals don’t really care why you go veg…as long as your not eating them.

  5. Hi Beckie,
    Agreed. Although, we’re not fans of their writing style, the end result is what matters… and this book has sold very well!

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