Skim Milk / Lo-Fat Milk Linked to Prostate Cancer

Another reason to go vegan: Non-fat/lo-fat milk consumption has been linked to an increased risk of prostate cancer. Two separate studies showed a correlation between non-fat or low-fat milk consumption and the risk of prostate malignancies.

The most recent study, conducted by Dr. Yikyung Park, of the National Cancer Institute, found no link between dietary calcium and the number of early-stage prostate cancer. However, non-fat milk consumption of two or more glasses per day was positively linked with an increased risk of advanced prostate cancer. This study population was made up of over 290,000 adult males.

An earlier study, conducted by Dr. Song-Yi Park of the University of Hawaii, indicated no link between calcium or vitamin D from any source and an increased risk of prostate cancer across all ethnic groups. However, the study did suggest an increased risk of localized, non-aggressive tumors. (Whole milk was linked to a decreased risk, but there are a whole host of other negative health effects associated with full fat dairy products.) The study population was made up of over 82,000 adult male residents of California and Hawaii.

For further reading:

  • Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine
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  • American Journal of Epidemiology – U. Hawaii Study
  • Reuters

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