Sesame Street CountToday’s post is brought to you by the number seven. I feel like I should be “the Count” from Sesame Street. Jane and I started our vegan diet on 07-07-07, which makes today our seven month anniversary. (Maybe we should have gone to Vegas and played the slots!)

We’ve had a much easier time of it than we anticipated in our first few months, although we still have moments of panic. Jane is having fun reading all the vegan cookbooks out there. She’s also spending time on the internet surfing the myriad of vegan sites.

Vegan life is much easier now than when I was vegetarian in the 80s. There is a surprisingly wide variety of vegan products available for purchase at our local grocery stores. And there has been a proliferation of restaurants catering to vegetarians and vegans in the past few years.

As for our health, we seem to have stabilized with our weight loss. I’ve lost twenty pounds and Jane eleven. We both could stand to lose a few more, but with Jane baking again, who knows. Anyway, we’re not complaining, as we did nothing which would typically result in weight loss besides becoming vegan.

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