Savory Vegan Braid

We had a neighborhood watch meeting tonight. Every time these things are scheduled they always run long, so I've learned to try and leave early so I can grab a bite to eat beforehand. Jane had the day off, and she said she'd have something ready when I got home. I pulled up to the house, a little late, and a little frazzled from all the traffic.  But the aroma wafting through the kitchen windows was enough to shift my focus.  Mmmm.  Something smelled great.

Jane made some kind of stuffed bread thing.  Yum.  The base was Tender Potato Bread, and she wrapped it up like the Vegan Danish.  She stuffed the bread with sauteed onions, spinach, Yves ground "meat," and some spices.  Yum.  And there's enough left for dinner tomorrow night too.    Woo Hoo!


  1. Hehe… Although she’s not really interested in being loaned out. (Besides, I thought your hubby was da bomb. You tweeted recently that he was taking care of you while you were ill.) And I’m probably not allowed to lend her out anyway…

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