Save Money At Asian Markets

Low Cost OptionsJane and I had the day off today. Instead of hopping in the car we did the environmentally friendly (and money saving) thing and took the train in to China Town. It was a fun expedition and we discovered the local Asian market. It's not that we haven't been there before, but we never really looked around. Who needs Whole Foods... we found packages of asceptic tofu for $0.79 That's almost half of what we pay at Whole Foods! And check out this package of dried soybeans. We paid $2.09 for over three pounds!!!

I'm not sure how these merchants are able to do this. I was taught that the larger stores get better prices because they buy in larger volume. Since their cost base is lower they can charge less to the consumer, hence the success of stores like Costco and Sam's Club. But however they do it, the price is right!

So if money is an issue these days, or even if it isn't, you may want to check out your local ethnic grocery stores (if you're fortunate enough to live nearby). Besides having interesting and unusual offerings, you can often find great bargains.


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