Review: Primal Essence Super Tea

We were recently asked to review Primal Essence’s Super Tea products, in particular the Mint, Chai and Ginger varieties.

I have to admit, when the product arrived, I was skeptical. The super tea comes in 1.5 ounce pump bottles, and one bottle is good for 50 cups. To make your tea, you shake the bottle and squirt one or two pumps of the essence into a cup of hot or cold water. I have to admit, I was skeptical. However, Jane absolutely loves this product. She’s been traveling a lot for work lately, and this product is easy and convenient to take along (it even passes TSA screening). This allows her to have a refreshing beverage anywhere. Since she’s a bit of a water snob, if the water doesn’t taste to her liking, she can doctor it up. Or she can just add a squirt to the bottle of water she usually carries around. She particularly likes the vanilla chai flavor, and loves that she can drop a bottle in her purse and have it anytime she likes.

It does take a few tries to get the squirt to water ratio right. We prefer it a little weaker, so we use a little more water than called for, but taste is subjective.



You can buy it directly from Primal Essence or from Amazon

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