Review: Edward & Sons Brown Rice Snaps, Miso-Cup Instant Soup

We were asked to review a couple of Edward & Sons Brown products.

Rice Snaps

Their rice Snaps, vegetable flavor. They are vegan and gluten-free too. We are not a gluten-free household, and generally find the gluten-free varieties of many products to be inferior in taste to their wheat based counterparts. That was not the case with these crackers however.

mock-tunaJane made mock-tuna (made with chickpeas), salad, cucumber slices, and mini heirloom tomatoes for lunch today. The brown rice snaps were a nice addition.

They have a hint of paprika and other spices sprinkled across the top. That gives them a nice zing, and we both enjoyed the taste. Jane felt the crackers were somewhat reminiscent of the rice cakes she and her friends sometimes ate when dieting, so if you hate those, this product might not be for you. I really enjoyed them, and find myself grabbing a few to munch on periodically during the afternoons. We will definitely buy them again, especially for our gluten-avoiding friends.


Buy them directly from Edward and Sons or from Amazon

Miso Soup

We were also asked to review their Miso-Cup instant soup. We both really like miso soup. However, it often contains bonito flakes (fish), and finding a vegan version has sometimes been a challenge. Edward & Sonmiso-soup-2s offers a line of vegan products, so shopping with them means that you don’t HAVE to read the label if you don’t want to.

This soup has a nice light taste, and it comes in convenient pouches which make it particularly good for traveling. Since getting a vegan breakfast can be a bit of a challenge, Jane often brings instant miso soup with her when she travels. She boils water in the coffee maker, and has a cup of soup in her room before heading out for the day.


Like the rice snaps, you can buy them directly from Edward and Sons or from Amazon

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