vegan new years resolutionsHappy New Year!

It's that time of year again. Time to take stock of your life and then make resolutions to change the things you don't like. I'm not one of those people who needs or even likes to have a "start date" to begin changing my behaviors. When I've made up my mind to do something, I just do it. Jane, on the other hand, likes to add a little fanfare to her "new" behaviors. However, I've observed that when she decides to do something on say, Monday, she'll stock up on the bad behavior over the previous weekend. (I'm not even going to mention what we ate the last few days before we became vegan, but every meal was an event... commemorating the last of something.) It's a behavior I like to tease her about. I prefer to start when I come up with the idea. Why wait?

This time of year brings out the people we like to call "Resolutionaries." You see them at the gym or hear about them starting Weight Watchers in January. (Just pay attention to all the ads that are on TV now. Who do you think they're geared towards?) Often, they're off the wagon by mid-February. This isn't a slam against anyone. I know all too well how difficult it is to change your behaviors, especially to change your diet. If it were such an easy thing, would there even be a diet industry?

Actually, we've found the magic bullet regarding weight loss. Being vegan, we've lost weight effortlessly! So far, I'm down 19 pounds and Jane is down 10. This reflects our current weight, including all that holiday eating last month! And we're still not doing all that much regarding exercise. Pretty impressive, eh? Maybe we should resolve to exercise more this year. But by mid-February...?

Anyway, even though we're not the traditional "resolutionaries," we have thought about what changes we'd like to affect in ourselves, what behaviors we should change, and what impact we'd like to have on the planet. We're relatively new Vegans, as most of you know, (it will be six months next week), but we're going to continue down this path. We don't wish to proselytize, but hopefully, we'll be able to lead by example.

Whatever your philosophy is regarding resolutions, we wish you a healthy, happy, peace-filled new year.

Lane & Jane

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