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Our friend, Dr. Greger, author of the best-selling book, How Not to Die, is looking for help:

Are you interested in joining the team? I need someone (or even better someones—plural) to help research and write future video scripts.

Before you say that you can do this, check out the job requirements, this is a rather detailed-oriented opportunity.

Whether you are interested in this job or not, consider Dr. Greger’s video from 2015 on your need for water.

Full-Time Remote Staff Position: Script Writer

*Note: This job application includes an extensive skills test that may take days to complete. Please only apply if you are certain you are able to meet the responsibilities listed below. We also suggest in case of any technical issues that you complete the application in a separate document and then copy/paste it here to ensure all your work is saved.

Role is seeking full-time script writers who will be responsible for
searching, reading, and analyzing the peer-reviewed scientific literature and creating cohesive, interesting, evidence-based scripts to be edited and narrated by Dr. Greger and turned into videos posted on

The ideal candidate is passionate about’s mission, detail-oriented, experienced with reading research papers, creative, articulate, and thrives in a remote setting.


  • Search, secure, and scrutinize the primary medical/nutrition literature
  • Compile a synthesis of the science on a certain topic into a series of cohesive narratives
  • Create annotated scripts to instruct motion graphics designers how to turn narratives into videos


  • Experience reading the peer-reviewed medical literature
  • Experience writing, preferably in a medical/nutrition field
  • Enjoys working independently in a remote setting
  • Ability to communicate ideas effectively with a remote team
  • Creative, detail-oriented, and articulate
  • Can manage time effectively, organizing and completing multiple projects within set deadlines
  • Preferred: Professional medical/nutrition and/or writing background

If you have a knack for finding, reading, and analyzing academic journal articles and are a skilled writer, consider applying here.

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