I was driving home tonight and the ubiquitous Los Angeles traffic only served to increase my desire to pass on the dreaded lentil loaf leftovers awaiting me at the end of my journey. Sometimes I think Jane has ESP (extra-sensory perception). I walked in the door and there were no clanging noises indicating that dinner was being prepared. No dishes were on the counter. The salad bowl was nowhere to be seen. And then I heard Jane holler down the hall... "Where do you want to go for dinner? " A sweeter sound was never heard. -- OK, I'm really exaggerating there, but I wasn't looking forward to dinner, so the idea of escaping that fate was very appealing.

phpB7MrisBut I guess you can't escape your destiny, and I was destined to have an unappetizing dinner tonight. Jane and I decided to try a vegan Chinese restaurant in Alhambra called Vege House. The prices were reasonable, cheap even. Each entree comes with your choice of sweet and sour soup or porridge, and bao (a very doughy roll). It certainly sounded like a deal. The staff was very friendly, although they spoke very little English, so we didn't get much help selecting our meal. We ordered a sweet and sour dish with fried and sauteed lotus shoots, and a spicy wheat gluten dish, but I have no idea what they were called. The soup was OK. Jane tried the porridge which was awful. Think gooey oatmeal. The sweet and sour lotus shoots were much better than the wheat gluten. Neither meal was good enough to entice us to return, and we didn't bring home our leftovers (that's saying something!!!). But at least it wasn't the lentil loaf!

FYI: I wouldn't typically write such a negative review after only one visit to a restaurant, however, Jane is unwell and in the bathroom at the moment, and my stomach is starting to complain. Maybe we should have had the lentil loaf after all.

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