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Raw Vegan MealI love summer. There is such an abundance of wonderful, fresh food to eat. Shopping at the farmers market is a joy at this time of year. We often have to restrain ourselves from buying more food than we can possibly eat in a week. And the fruit…

We’ve had a few people write and ask us if we eat raw. For the most part, the answer to that question is no. From what we’ve read, there are nutritional reasons to eat both raw and cooked foods. And I don’t think I’d want to give up lentil stew and freshly baked bread, and the many other yummy things Jane cooks for dinner. But we do eat raw sometimes too, especially in the summer when Jane makes all kind of delicious salads.

For dinner tonight we did have a raw meal. Jane made her hummus with carrots and persian cucumbers, red cabbage slaw, and our usual green salad. We also had sliced tomatoes from our garden. And for dessert, we had blueberries, strawberries, and white nectarines. Overall, a really delicious meal, and raw to boot.


Note:  Thanks to Sparrow, who pointed out that our hummus isn’t raw (who knew?).  Well,  I googled “raw hummus” and found that raw hummus recipes seem to include sprouted chickpeas, as opposed to canned chickpeas (which we assumed were simply picked, processed and put in a can with some water and salt (and preservatives in some).  But it appears that many raw vegans shoot for 75% raw, so if you go by that criteria, we still had a “raw” vegan meal.  Anyway, sorry for any confusion this may have caused!  Hopefully this clears up any confusion. — Lane

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