Proposition 2 – Revisited

prop2I’m a lazy voter.  I don’t like to immerse myself in politics months before an election.  Typically, I wait until a few weeks before an election to start reading about the issues and then make a decision.  This year in California, we have a proposition in front of us, Proposition 2, which deals with the confinement of farm animals.  Recently, I read that the Humane Society recommends voting yes on Prop 2 and I thought to myself that I would need to look no further.  If they’re behind it, this measure must be worthwhile.  After my post, Sat of Bacon and Tofu submitted a comment leading to a post entitled What to Do About Proposition 2 on the Animal Rights: The Abolitionist Approach.  The author, Gary Francione, is adamantly against Proposition 2.  His summary has swayed me to the “no on 2” camp.

The decision about how to vote on Proposition 2 is not one that requires that advocates choose between more animal suffering or less. It is a choice between continuing to promote the “happy meat” movement that is taking things in the wrong direction or getting down to serious animal advocacy that will really make a difference.

If you vote in California, it’s worth taking a look at the entire post.  Thanks Sat!

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