Press Release: First Ever Cold-Pressed Juice Cafe to Open in Bushwick

The Squeeze New Location Press Release

For Immediate Release:

First Ever Cold-Pressed Juice Cafe to Open in Bushwick


Brooklyn, NY — Healthy lifestyle company, The Squeeze, is bringing its own unique brand of raw foods and cold-pressed juices to Bushwick. Since The Squeeze first rolled out their juice truck in May 2012, they have launched two new locations and captured the attention of New York juice lovers with their delicious products and provocative slogans. Vogue Daily called the company, “A plucky and delicious new addition to the NYC juice scene.” Now, The Squeeze is opening the first cold-pressed juice bar in Bushwick on March 10th, 2014 at 196 Graham Avenue. 

The opening follows the introduction of a new 12oz bottle size to compliment their existing line of 16oz cold-pressed juices. Behind playful names like “The Jeans I Wore In High School” and “I Have A Heart-On” lies an uncompromising devotion to the well-being of the planet and all of its inhabitants. The drinks are prepared with produce that is 100% raw, non GMO, and local whenever possible, these juices retain their natural enzymes, vitamins, and minerals, ensuring they contain the richest stores of micronutrients. “I’m eager to transform the way people eat, to eat lighter on the food chain, to heal themselves and the planet,” says founder Karliin Brooks. Judging by the praise The Squeeze has received in the last two years, her efforts have not gone unnoticed.

The new grab-and-go location will offer organic cold-pressed juices along with a full menu of raw foods for breakfast, lunch, and dinner including; soups, salads, savory crepes, entrees, snacks, dessert items, and comfort foods. This new addition to Brooklyn’s health and fitness scene can assure its customers of one thing, “We’ll squeeze if you swallow.

About The Squeeze

The Squeeze is a healthy lifestyle company whose mission is to bring you the next level of nutritional consciousness through detox cleanses, superfoods, and fresh live produce prepared into raw gourmet meals. The Squeeze is dedicated to producing and offering the best tasting raw foods available in New York, while simultaneously honoring the planet and our environment.


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