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PetfinderLogoIt’s been awhile, sorry.  While I’ve been ignoring this blog, I’ve been watching a fight brew in a chat I visit.  The issue is animal adoption.  One of the people involved is choosing to buy a dog from a breeder.  The other person is a staunch animal rights activist and has taken to berating her openly  and is actively recruiting others to harass her.  He even started a chain email to petition her to get an animal from the local pound.  This has been going on for almost two weeks now.  It’s gotten to the point where I think the animal rights activist has been banned from the chat.

Personally, I cannot understand how someone would buy a pet when there are so many animals in shelters, especially today when many people are giving up their companion animals because of financial issues.  And yet, it is very common.  My cousin bought himself a boxer last year, and a co-worker is getting herself an English Bulldog.  Both of them have purchased their animals from breeders.  I tried to dissuade them, but they both had their minds made up, and nothing I said had any influence.  I even sent them links to websites for rescues for the breeds they were looking for.  Also, it’s not uncommon to find specific breeds at local animal shelters today.  But my money is still on the mutts.

Regardless of how you feel however, if someone wants to buy a companion animal, they currently have that right.  So I find myself in the interesting position of siding with the person who bought her dog, even though I think what she is doing is morally wrong.  But her antagonist is really out there.  The most bizarre thing about all this is that they live on different continents.  It almost  seems like he is venting all his frustrations at her because she is so far away and can’t really retaliate.  Regardless, it is her choice.  It is still very legal in this country to breed and sell animals.   His behavior is alienating others on the board who might otherwise be on his “side.”  This chat has nothing to do with animal rights or veganism.

Having said all that, if you are considering getting a pet in the near future, please look to your local animal shelters.  There are so many wonderful animals in need of a good home.  Petfinder, which is an on-line, searchable database of animals that need homes, has animals all across North America.   Be aware that each shelter has their own set of fees and requirements for adoptees.

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