Plant Based Chocolate Pudding

Plant Based Chocolate Pudding

This is for all those chocoholics out there and for those who enjoy rich and creamy pudding. BUT, this recipe has an added bonus. It is good for you! No fillers, artificial flavoring or questionable ingredients. This pudding is delicious and nutritious. To give this treat an extra bump of nutrition, you can garnish it with fresh berries, coconut shavings or chia seeds.

I’d suggest soaking the dates in the almond milk for about an hour or so, especially if the dates are hard. Just put the dates and almond milk in the blender jar and leave it on the counter. I make a lot of raw food recipes and pretty much always soak dates before using them since you can’t always get really soft ones.

Find the recipe here

Some people aren’t all that keen on using avocados in their pudding. I always revert back to one of my tried and true recipes using silken tofu. But I don’t have any issues with soy, although I know many do.

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