PETA’s ‘Go Vegan’ Ad Will Not Air During the Super Bowl

James Cromwell sinks his teeth into a meaty role as a priest in an unforgiving mood
PETA’s Super Bowl ad will not be airing during the big game but instead has been released online. The largest animal rights organization in the world filmed a commercial starring the outspoken vegan and Green Mile actor James Cromwell. The ad is meant to encourage veganism.


The ad’s plot is centered on a meat industry executive asking for forgiveness in confession after he says he “lied to the world” about terms like “free range” and “all natural.” The priest, played by Cromwell, does not forgive him for his heinous misdeeds and closes the confessional window on him after saying there is no way he can repent. The commercial closes with the words “Go Vegan.”

A representative for PETA explained the ad’s confessional theme to The Daily Meal: “No Hail Mary can absolve someone for duping consumers into feeling good about buying ‘humane’ meat, a myth exploded by countless undercover exposés inside the businesses that produce it.”

Although it is being referred to as a Super Bowl ad, the commercial is only airing online. A PETA representative told Country Living that the commercial was submitted to NBC, but that they were quoted around $10 million and that was before the ad was even approved. According to the humane organization, other brands were only charged around $5 million.

NBC responded to the alleged up-charge by telling the lifestyle outlet, “The price we quoted PETA was consistent with the way we work with advertisers who are seeking to purchase a single ad in the Super Bowl.”



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