PETA Won’t Be At The Super Bowl

Banned Peta Ad
Still From Banned Peta Ad

For those of you who don't know, this weekend is the Super Bowl. The culmination of the 2008 American football season. And perhaps the most watched event annually. PETA's "Veggie Love" Super Bowl campaign has been banned by NBC. My first reaction was where did PETA get $3 million for this ad? (Super Bowl spots will start at $3 million for 30 second spot. - Source: Reuters) My second reaction was the Super Bowl is not the appropriate forum for a vegetarian ad... then I saw the spot, and I thought to myself, "This time those folks at PETA know what they're doing."

According to PETA, NBC nixed the ad, saying it "depicts a level of sexuality exceeding our standards." Personally, I don't agree... with all the Viagara and Cialis they market, this should be right up their alley!

'Veggie Love': PETA's Banned Super Bowl Ad

According to the spot, "Studies show vegetarians have better sex. Go Veg."


  1. Can’t really say I’m down with this ad.
    Yeah, I guess it’s funny.
    Yeah, It’s true…
    …but I just have this “feeling” that PETA has shot itself in the foot one too many times for this type of ad to be effective.

    I wonder, “Hmmm…what did they hope to accomplish with this ad?”
    And I can’t think of a single answer.
    To us Vegans/Vegetarians they’re preaching to the choir and most Omni/Carni couldn’t give two shits about what PETA has to say anymore.

    I just don’t know.

  2. Hi Gweb,
    The other point we get stuck on, is they’re spending all this money on campaigns that won’t be seen by anyone other than their own community (those of us who hear about their antics and are somewhat curious). If they had put out a slightly less risque ad it might have made it on to network tv.
    But, as a guy, this gets my attention. 😉

    Hi Kara,
    Exactly! Now where is that asparagus!

  3. My response to this commercial is that objectifying women by depicting them in “sexual” ways – arguably not a real sexuality, but a pornographic, male-oriented sexuality – is a poor choice for a way to advertise a vegetarian diet. It makes me wonder if anyone at PETA has read anything written by Carol Adams or if they are aware of the ecofeminist vegetarian point of view at all..

  4. So I have to ask… is PETA looking to ‘convert’ only males and lesbians? Where is MY eye candy? 😀 I’d love to see some hunky vegan in this ad sucking on a ripe tomato or something.

    I’m with Gweb – this isn’t really the demographic they should be trying to reach – do they really think some omni is going to drop his buffalo wing and convert to veganism on the spot for the potential of better sex?…

    I agree it’s maybe a little too racy for daytime TV normally, but this is the smut-laden Super Bowl! It’s not much worse than Victoria’s Secret, Carls Jr, or ads (don’t even get me started on Viagra and Cialis).

  5. I think this is a GREAT ad. I’m a female (non-lesbian!) and vegan, while it may piss off the feminists, it just may make a couple of macho sports fans think twice about downing that hamburger! It doesn’t really matter WHY people become vegetarians/vegans, because in the end the same thing is accomplished!

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