PETA Won’t Be At The Super Bowl

Banned Peta Ad
Still From Banned Peta Ad

For those of you who don’t know, this weekend is the Super Bowl. The culmination of the 2008 American football season. And perhaps the most watched event annually. PETA’s “Veggie Love” Super Bowl campaign has been banned by NBC. My first reaction was where did PETA get $3 million for this ad? (Super Bowl spots will start at $3 million for 30 second spot. – Source: Reuters) My second reaction was the Super Bowl is not the appropriate forum for a vegetarian ad… then I saw the spot, and I thought to myself, “This time those folks at PETA know what they’re doing.”

According to PETA, NBC nixed the ad, saying it “depicts a level of sexuality exceeding our standards.” Personally, I don’t agree… with all the Viagara and Cialis they market, this should be right up their alley!

‘Veggie Love’: PETA’s Banned Super Bowl Ad

According to the spot, “Studies show vegetarians have better sex. Go Veg.”

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